Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Social Media

In today's dynamic digital marketing landscape, social media is a quintessential component that no business can afford to ignore. It offers a distinctive channel for establishing connections and fostering interactions with your existing and potential customers, clients, buyers, investors, and even the press and media.

Our team of social experts is here to guide you in embarking on your social media journey or taking your current efforts to unprecedented heights. We're dedicated to growing your following and engagement in ways you might never have imagined. The 13 Jacks social media squad excels in significantly increasing your impressions and reach through innovative campaigns, fresh content, and bold ideas. We leverage high-quality content and frequent interactions to solidify your brand's position with thought leadership and a prominent industry presence.

Our expertise spans across various social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogging. Central to our social media strategy is the concept of high-touch interactions, ensuring daily monitoring of all platforms and the management of original content postings, retweets, @tags, #hashtags, likes, comments, replies, and follows.

To provide you with comprehensive insights, all our engagements include access to our social media management software platform, offering in-depth data, analytics, and unique campaign insights.

Let's kickstart the conversation today and engage your audience in ways you may have never imagined were possible. Your social media journey begins here.

Our Services

  • Event Management

    Seminars, Tradeshows, and Webinars
    We have local, national, and international expertise.

  • Corporate Photography

    Live-Events, Executive Portraits, and Narrative
    Our stunning images turn simple into beautiful.

  • Website Management

    Creation, Design, and Maintenance
    Reach new customers, engage existing ones, and grow your business.

  • Creative Solutions

    Branding, Design, and Graphics
    Transform basic brochures, landing pages, coupons, and flyers into high-impact marketing pieces.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Concepts, Budgeting, and Analytics
    Creative and unique ideas that grow your business.

  • Demand Generation

    Qualified Leads to Meet Your Goals
    We develop and execute the perfect mix for maximum impact.


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