Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Guerrilla Marketing

13 Jacks distinguishes itself as a marketing agency that transcends conventional paradigms. We specialize in conceiving and executing unconventional marketing strategies that underscore audacity and uniqueness. We thrive on crafting audacious, out-of-the-box strategies for clients who crave making seismic waves and a resounding impact.


Our expertise spans a spectrum of innovative marketing methodologies. This includes viral marketing, designed to create online phenomena, street marketing, which brings brands to public spaces, stealth marketing, operating surreptitiously, and ambient marketing, which transforms ordinary settings into captivating promotional canvases. Additionally, we offer proficiency in the realm of ambush marketing, strategically positioning your brand to seize the spotlight during significant events.


With 13 Jacks, your marketing efforts transcend the mundane. We're here to guide you towards an innovative path, where you not only embrace marketing but embark on a journey of strategic revolution. Say farewell to the commonplace, and prepare to usher in a new era of marketing distinction.

Our Services

  • Event Management

    Seminars, Tradeshows, and Webinars
    We have local, national, and international expertise.

  • Corporate Photography

    Live-Events, Executive Portraits, and Narrative
    Our stunning images turn simple into beautiful.

  • Website Management

    Creation, Design, and Maintenance
    Reach new customers, engage existing ones, and grow your business.

  • Creative Solutions

    Branding, Design, and Graphics
    Transform basic brochures, landing pages, coupons, and flyers into high-impact marketing pieces.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Concepts, Budgeting, and Analytics
    Creative and unique ideas that grow your business.

  • Demand Generation

    Qualified Leads to Meet Your Goals
    We develop and execute the perfect mix for maximum impact.


We Provide The Best Service In the Industry

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