Marketing Consultations

When you don’t have an in-house marketing expert, or the existing team is simply too busy, it can be extremely useful to have a trusted expert marketing advisor on-hand.

Time can be used for projects big and small alike. Our hourly engagements have a 10-hour minimum commitment with discounts available for bulk hours purchased.


A Deeper Dive

BrainShare marketing consultations are very popular with our entrepreneur and small business clients that have limited marketing dollars and/or need expertise around a variety of marketing fields and plan to execute on some or all marketing tactics with in-house staff.

What Exactly is a BrainShare?

A BrainShare consists of three, four-hour consultative sessions that are hyper-focused on your specific business goals and the marketing strategies that can best help you meet or exceed those goals. We take a selection of different marketing practices of your choice, for example Press, Social, Web, and Event Marketing, and go through steps 1-3 outlined below.

1. In-depth review of current practices followed by candid analysis of what is and isn’t working.

2. Brainstorm on winning strategies for your unique business and budget.

3. Step-by-step planning and focused hands-on training.

BrainShare sessions typically involve four or five senior level subject matter experts from 13 Jacks allowing for a variety of experiences and opinions to be shared. Each person brings many, many, years of practical knowledge to the table. Combine that with the founders/owners/executives of your business and we have unique breeding ground for incredible business-altering ideas.

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