Marketing Consultations

In the absence of an in-house marketing expert or when your existing team is operating at full capacity, the presence of a seasoned and dependable marketing advisor can deliver substantial benefits.

Our consultation services are designed to optimize your time and resources, catering to projects of all sizes. We offer flexible hourly engagements with a minimum commitment of 10 hours, and discounts are available for bulk hour packages. Partner with us to elevate your marketing efforts.


A Deeper Dive

BrainShare marketing consultations are very popular with our entrepreneur and small business clients that have limited marketing dollars and/or need expertise around a variety of marketing fields and plan to execute on some or all marketing tactics with in-house staff.

What Exactly is a BrainShare?

BrainShare consists of three intensive four-hour consultative sessions, meticulously tailored to your specific business goals and the effective marketing strategies that can best help you meet or surpass those goals. We select a combination of marketing practices, such as Press, Social, Web, and Event Marketing, and guide you through the following strategic phases:

1. Thorough Analysis: We commence with an exhaustive examination of your current marketing practices, providing a candid evaluation of what is and what isn't working.

2. Innovative Ideation: Next, we engage in a structured brainstorming session to develop winning strategies that are custom-tailored to your business and thoughtfully designed to fit within your budget constraints.

3. Strategic Planning and Training: The final phase involves devising step-by-step plans and delivering focused, hands-on training to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary for successful execution.

BrainShare sessions are distinguished by the presence of four or five senior level subject matter experts from 13 Jacks, each contributing their extensive of practical knowledge and experience. When combined with the insights of your business's founders, owners, and executives, this synergy becomes a fertile ground for cultivating groundbreaking, business-altering ideas.

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